A binder after surgery provides support and pain relief

Through effective support and compression, our postoperative binders and belts provide faster mobilization, pain relief and reduced risk of complications after surgical procedures. The binder range has been developed with a focus on versatility and function for both healthcare professionals and users, and they must meet different needs for compression and stability. The assortment consists of several models with different heights, compression levels and materials, and they are all easy to adjust and apply. Our post surgical abdominal binders can be used after various types of abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, trunk surgery or liposuction.

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Recovery with a binder after abdominal surgery

For a good recovery after abdominal surgery, it is important to be as physically active as you can. Daily walks are good at first, but heavy lifting and heavy strain on the abdominal muscles should be avoided. A binder or belt after abdominal surgery relieves pain and make it easier to get active after surgery. A binder after surgery with the right compression reduces swelling in the area and a stable binder provides support and relieves the abdomen. The binder pushes away the swelling and relieves the surgical wound. It also reduces the risk of infections, hernia formation and scarring.

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