Compression garments after
surgery for a better recovery

After plastic surgery and other surgical procedures, compression helps increase blood circulation and reduce the risk of postoperative complications. Our compression garments are developed to provide the right degree of compression and the design focus is always on function and usability. The products should be easy to use and work for you in your everyday life. Our choices of construction and materials are also decisive for the good effect of the products. The garments are recommended after aesthetic, reconstructive or medical surgery to provide better healing, recovery and a good result of the surgery.
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Comfortable and safe recovery

Our goal is to provide a range of post op and compression garments that contribute to improved healing, comfortable recovery and reduced pain. By applying the right compression, you help to reduce swelling (edema), fluid accumulations (seroma), bleeding complications, infections and bruises (hematoma) in the operated person. The compression also helps the skin to adapt to its "new" shape and holds any bandages in place.

For ultimate comfort, the products are made of soft, pleasant and breathable fabrics. The textiles are durable and free from environmentally harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® standard 100. All NordiCare's postop garments are CE-marked medical technology class I products in accordance with the EU regulation. This means that they are safe to use for the stated medical indication. The general recommendation is to use a garment with a degree of compression corresponding to compression class 1 (15–21 mmHg) after aesthetic surgery and liposuction.

Choose the right size

Our range of compression garments is easy to try out and adjust, both for patients and professionals. With a few measurements and with the help of our size charts, you can easily find the right size. To get the right degree of compression and support, it is important to measure carefully and follow the instructions on the package. For you as a patient, you should ultimately follow the prescription from your doctor who is responsible for your performed operation.

Compression garments - application and use

Remember that your compression garment should fit tightly without feeling uncomfortable. It may therefore require a little patience to get it on, especially just after the surgery as you are probably both swollen and sensitive after the procedure. When the swelling starts going down, you may need a smaller size. It is important that the garments provide the right degree of compression, neither too little nor too much.

A compression pant or bodysuit can be easier to put on while sitting down and with one foot at a time. Pull the garment upwards in small steps and make sure it is all the way up to the crotch. It should be tight but not uncomfortable. For more advice and tips on application and use, see our instructional videos or contact customer service.

We generally recommend washing the garments at 40 degrees as durability is extended at lower temperatures. If necessary, they can be washed at up to 60 degrees. Follow the washing instructions on the garment and accompanying user instructions for precise advice. Avoid bleach, chlorine, fabric softener and tumble drying, which risk destroying the elastic.

Compression during different types of surgery

Compression is an important recovery factor regardless of the purpose of the operation. After an aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, where the aim is to beautify parts of the body, compression often gives a clearly improved result after, for example, liposuction, breast augmentation, face lift, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, arm plastic surgery or thigh plastic surgery. The compression garments also help after reconstructive surgery (restorative surgery) such as after accidents, pregnancy, gastric bypass, restoration of defects or weight loss. Even during medical surgery, such as after cancer operations, compression provides important and effective help.

For procedures such as buttock augmentation, also called Brazilian butt lift (BBL), or butt augmentation, we recommend the garments with legs, shaped knit butt and the unique wrap opening in the crotch. After a tummy tuck, a body is used such as Cindy , Alison , Daisy or Peggy. For larger abdominoplasty, these can be worn in combination with a suitable girdle such as ViraX2 or AbdoCare. After thigh plastic surgery, surgery on the knee or liposuction of the thigh, compression pants such as Patsy, Annie or Peggy are effective. Our compression bolero Jill is developed for use after arm plastic surgery and procedures on the back. For various facial operations such as face lift, neck lift, protruding ears or liposuction, we recommend our clippable facial bandage. In the case of gynecomastia, a compression vest gives a good effect.

The new generation of plastic garments

Our unique range of knitted seamless postop garments combines comfortable materials with high quality and functional design. The garments are developed to be worn immediately after surgery and during the recovery period and are designed to be easy to put on, take off and adjust. They offer the best possible comfort and fit and provide even compression in the operated area. Each product is designed to provide compression and support exactly where it is needed.

The garments are made in 4-way stretch knit without annoying seams, which makes them very comfortable to wear and adapt to each individual body shape. The knit material is soft and breathable yet durable and supportive. The material also ensures that the right level of compression is maintained over time. Smart functions make the clothes extra functional. Hook and loop closures in many steps facilitate putting on and off and adjustment, silicone in the waist provides an anti-slip effect and various crotch solutions simplify toilet visits. The garments are basically invisible under your clothes and are easily kept fresh and hygienic since they can be washed at home at a high temperature.

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