Ostomy belts

Our varieties of stoma belts are all designed to provide fixation while being comfortable and safe to wear. They are available in several models to suit different needs. The stoma belts, which can sometimes also be called a stoma girdle or support belt, must be flexible by providing the right support and relief regardless of the area of ​​use. You can choose a softer stoma belt to wear over the stoma bandage or you can choose a firmer belt. With a sturdy girdle, it is often possible to have the stoma bandage on the outside by cutting holes in the girdle. Using a firm stoma cover over the stoma is also good for preventing and supporting stoma hernias that have already occurred.
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Ostomy belt for fixing the ostomy bag

A girdle can be used to keep the stoma pouch or stoma bag in place and reduce the risk of leakage and the bag coming loose. The belt also helps to hide the bag and reduce any noise. Good alternatives for effective and comfortable fixation are our discreet fixation bands Mika and StomiMini. They are easy to use and very flexible in size, print and placement. Our fixation girdles StomiTube and StomiFix are knitted and shaped like tubes. They have holes or pockets to keep the stoma pouch in place and are comfortable to use all day and during various activities.

Girdles and stoma belts prevent and treat stoma hernia

If a hernia develops in connection with a stoma, it is good to use a supporting hernia belt, sometimes also called a stoma belt, stoma girdle or support belt. The belt holds the hernia in place and prevents it from growing larger and often provides a more comfortable feeling. It is also used to prevent stoma hernia. If you choose a clippable sturdy stoma belt such as StomiSoft or StomiBas, the stoma bag can be placed on the outside of the belt after cutting a hole. You can also choose to wear your stoma belt as it is over the stoma bag. With StomiSoft, pressure and support can be easily adjusted thanks to different elasticity in the materials. The Form and Figur belts are used on the outside of the stoma bag and are easy to adjust in size, support and pressure. The choice to have stoma protection on top of or under the stoma bag usually depends on the type of stoma and how often the bag must be emptied. It is good to get advice and tips from your stoma nurse or doctor about what suits you best. Unfortunately, a hernia never disappears by itself, it must be operated on or treated with a girdle to prevent it from growing. Only extremely severe stoma hernias are repaired with surgery because there is a risk of recurrence.

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