Back support for back pain and back problems

To give the aching back relief and reduced pain, it is good to use a back support or back belt. For most types of back problems, the advice is to be up and moving. With a back support it becomes both easier and more comfortable to have a functioning everyday life with activities, training and back exercises.
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Correct support for the back

Our different models of back supports and belts suit different needs, diagnoses and body shapes. They are available in different heights, materials, stability and fit. Some are more flexible thanks to drawstrings and adjustable rails and some are especially comfortable to wear throughout the day. It is important to choose the support that suits you and your problem, so feel free to contact our customer service if you need tips and advice.

For pain in the lower back, Ronja, Bure, Atle, Multi and Tuff provide effective support. Ronja is our most stable back orthosis and suits those with more severe back problems. Taller people and people with obvious hips or waist may prefer the Bure High. Atle is soft and comfortable to wear even for a long time, for example in case of fatigue pain. Multi and Tuff provide stability far down in the lumbar spine and lower back and are effective for back pain, lumbago, pain in the pelvis or as prevention during heavy lifting. Ballerina is used if you want a better posture or suffer from pain in the back of your chest.

A back support helps

The absolute best advice to shorten the period of back pain is to be active interspersed with rest. A prerequisite for being able to be active is to relieve the pain during activity. The easiest way to do this is by using a back support, also called back orthosis or back belt. A back support gives you stability and pain relief, relieves tense or cramping muscles while helping to keep the back in a more natural position. The back support also allows you to be active and thus ensure that the muscles get good circulation and the load is reduced.



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