Hernia support

There are many different types of hernias and several reasons why they occur. The most common is an inguinal hernia, as many as one in four men get it at some point in their lives. With a good hernia truss or hernia bandage, you can relieve both pain and discomfort. For those who suffer from abdominal wall hernias, hernia belts provide support and pain relief. In the case of inguinal and scrotal hernias, hernia pants also help to contain the hernia.
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Different types of hernia

There are many varieties of hernias and several reasons why they occur. If you want more information about which products can help you and minimize problems and pain, you are of course welcome to contact us.

Inguinal hernia

One type of hernia that is very common in men is inguinal hernia, statistics show that close to 25% of all men are affected at some point in their lives. Inguinal hernias can cause varying degrees of discomfort, where most people only feeling mild discomfort or a heaviness in the groin. However, there are those who experience more serious problems and need surgery.

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