Hernia briefs for treatment of inguinal hernia and scrotal hernia

Hernia briefs or suspensors provide effective and comfortable support for inguinal and scrotal hernias. By holding back the hernia, everyday life becomes easier and pain and discomfort are reduced, which makes it easier to be active. Several of our hernia pants come with pads that are placed in pockets on the inside of the pants for increased pressure.
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Inguinal hernia - the most common hernia

Inguinal hernia is a commonly occurring hernia and surveys show that approximately a quarter of all men have, or have been operated for it. An inguinal hernia is often detected by noting a soft bulge in the groin. This bulge can be pushed back and usually disappears at first when lying down. In most cases, inguinal hernias only cause mild discomfort and sometimes even a feeling of heaviness in the area. Sometimes it hurts. The hernia usually falls out when there is increased abdominal pressure, for example if you lift something heavy or if you strain in connection with a visit to the toilet.

Inguinal hernia is a more common form of hernia in men, who make up more than 90% of those who develop an inguinal hernia. This is because men have a natural weakening of the abdominal wall where the vas deferens passes through the muscle layers down to the scrotum.

In both small and large inguinal hernias, the contents of the hernia can be compressed. Then a so-called incarcerated hernia occurs, which must be operated on as soon as possible. In the case of ai ncarcerated inguinal hernia, blood circulation to the contents of the hernia sac is threatened and the intestine or fatty tissue is at risk of being damaged. If you get an carcerated inguinal hernia, you notice it quickly as it hurts a lot. You cannot cure an inguinal hernia on your own and it will not go away on its own. However, the contents of the hernia sac can travel in and out through the opening in the abdominal wall.

Support for scrotal and inguinal hernias

Hernia briefs and hernia bandage are both used in conservative treatment of inguinal or scrotal hernia. They can be used both before and after surgery to provide support and pain relief. Hernia briefes can also be used instead of a girdle in connection with certain operations, where an elastic pant can contribute to a good healing process and quick mobilization in certain plastic surgeries.

For many, choosing a hernia brief or pants is an easier and more flexible option than a traditional hernia bandage because a pant sits where it should and is easy to take off and on. If the hernia is not operated on, it is important to use a hernia bandage that holds the hernia back and relieves any pain.

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