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Is there any difference between Safehip Classic and Air-X?

I am unable to pay with my bank card. What's wrong?

Am I considered a Private Person or a Contract Customer? What products can I buy?

Which model/size should I choose?

Where can I find user instructions/manuals?

I can't find the product I want.

Where is the order form for SafeHip?

How can I become a contract customer and place an order for SafeHip?

Private customer: I am unable to log in!

Contract customer: I am unable to log in!

What is the difference between SafeHip Classic and Safehip Air-X? 

Both of these hip trousers are equally safe. The protection on the SafeHip Classic is made out of foam material, and it can be washed at 60° Celsius. The Safehip Classic is available in unisex and open models. SafeHip Air-X, on the other hand, has a protection layer that is made of a softer textile material. It can be washed at 95° Celsius. The SafeHip Air-X is available in unisex, men, and open models. Read more about sizes and models.

The payment with my bank card cannot be completed. What's wrong? 

When paying with your bank card, make sure that the card is enabled for internet payment (contact your bank for more information). Alternatively, speciality bank boxes/card readers may be required in order to make payments over the internet, depending on your particular card; please ask your bank if this is the case. If you are certain that you are using a card that has been enabled for internet payment and/or that you are using your bank box correctly and you are still encountering problems, please contact us via or call Customer Service at +46 42-35 22 20.

Am I a "Private Customer" or a "Contract Customer"? What products can I purchase online? 

Private Customer

Private customers are private individuals who can shop at any time without logging in or creating an account first. You will be asked to create an account when you place your order. As a Private Customer, you have access to a limited selection of our catalogue in the webshop. Some products can only be prescribed by doctors or other medical personnel. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Contract Customer

Contract Customers (companies/organizations) have access to a special selection of products in our catalogue. Are you a representative of private individuals within a nursing or elderly care facility? If so, you should create a Contract Customer account. To create an account as a Contract Customer, please contact NordiCare Customer Service on +46 (0) 42 35 22 20 so that we can get you set up and provide you with your login details. If you are already a Contract Customer/Corporate Account, you are welcome to log in by clicking on the "Login" button at the top of the page. Please note that there is no way to become a Contract Customer by creating an account directly on our website.

Contract customers:

1- Obtain your customer number (please call us for a first time setup as you create your account in order to get your customer number and password)
2- Enter your password
3- Browse the product pages and place your order

At checkout (payment mode), you can change billing and delivery addresses as well as other information. .

How do I know which model and size to order?

Under each product is a tab labelled "Download Files". In this section you can download product sheets describing the uses of the product as well as the sizes and dimensions of the items available. It is also possible to search for the product and obtain this information. You can also download our product catalogue as a PDF. This catalogue contains all of our information regarding sizes, article numbers, and indications, and also provides pictures of different models.

Where can I find user instructions/manuals? 

Under each product is a tab labelled "Download Files". In this section you can download product sheets and also user instructions (where applicable) User instructions are labelled with the letters "UI" in their file name (Instructions for Use).

I can't find the product that I want to buy in the webshop. How can I purchase it? 

If it is not listed in the webshop, it means that the product must be prescribed by a doctor or other medical professional before it can be ordered. For more information, please contact our Customer Service via e-mail at or tel +46 42 35 22 20.

Where is the SafeHip order form for fax and email?

You can download the order form here. Please note that you must enter your customer number. Are you a private individual? If so, please order products directly from the website..

How do I go about when ordering SafeHip as a contract customer?

Some local government agencies and municipalities subsidize hip trousers, meaning that they can be ordered free of charge. In other municipalities, the end user may receive their first hip trouser free of charge but must pay for additional ones themselves. In still other places, the end user must pay for the full value of all trousers themselves. At NordiCare, we strive to make it easy to order the SafeHip, regardless of which system is applicable to your situation:

Central purchasing

If you contact us, we would be happy to create a customer number for you, and you will be labelled a "Contract Customer" with us. We can then produce volume discounts and quotes. You can then order via the Internet at, by faxing an order form to 042-35 22 21, or emailing us at If a computer/mobile data/fax machine is not available, please contact Customer Service at 042-35 22 20 to place an order. If you would like to test trousers in different models and sizes, we can offer you a 30% discount on these per unit/retirement home.

Purchase directly as a private person for each unit/home

Please contact our customer service to receive an accommodation/entity number. You will also receive a customer number and will be considered a “Contract Customer” with us. You can then order trousers for individuals who live in nursing/elderly care homes (or in their own homes) by completing a fax/email form. Please send this to us via fax at 042-35 22 21 or via email at The fastest way to place an order is through our website or by email at If a computer/mobile data/fax machine is not available, please contact Customer Service at 042-35 22 20 to place an order.

The order and invoice are then sent directly to the user or to their family/caregiver — please specify the preference when placing your order. If you already have a customer number, please indicate this when placing the order.

Please also reference the questions in the forms above.

I cannot log in! What's wrong?

Private Customers who registered before June 30, 2015 must, for security reasons, update their account and password. Private customers can do this directly on the website by creating a new account here..

This can also affect some Contract Customers; if so, please contact Customer Service for help, either by email at or by phone at +46 42 35 22 20.


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