Belts for support after childbirth, ceasarean or rectus diastas

Many women experience a need for supporting their abdomen and torso after childbirth. A belt is a great way to support a new mother's stomach or abdominal muscles that may have been weakened after delivery. Although the healing process after childbirth is handled naturally by the body itself, it may need additional support and special training to strengthen the stomach and other muscles in the recovery period.
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Recovery after pregnancy

By using a belt or girdle after pregnancy, the torso receives support as the stomach, uterus and muscles contract. Girdle in combination with gentle exercise and strengthening of the muscles can help the body recover faster after pregnancy and contribute to better posture and a slimmer silhouette. After caesarean section, the belt reduces the load on the incision and also provides pain relief and improved healing.

Support after childbirth

After childbirth, ViraX2 and LyftPlus provide good stability and relief. ViraX2 for the slightly smaller stomach forms effectively around the torso and abdomen and is easy to adjust as the body changes. LyftPlus has a shaped front for slightly rounder bellies. It gives a light lift under the stomach and provides good support for the back.

Belt support after caesarean

Women who have delivered by caesarean section may need good support and pain relief immediately after the operation and during the healing period. With a girdle after caesarean, it is often easier to cough ot laugh, which can feel uncomfortable after a laparotomy. LyftPlus is the girdle that usually fits best after a caesarean section.

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