Posture vest for improved posture and pain relief

Good posture can simply be described as the position where the whole body is in balance. Most of us easily slump in front of the TV, computer or in the car, which wears on our muscles, joints and ligaments. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the postural muscles, which contribute to good posture and prevent strain injuries. In many everyday situations our shoulders tend to rotate forward. A posture vest, back vest or posture harness gently forces the shoulders back into correct position. With a vest for better posture, the thoracic spine is also supported so that the posture muscles are strengthened and the breathing technique is improved. All this prevents and relieves pain and stiffness in the back and neck and also contributes to better blood circulation and metabolism.
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Do I need a posture vest?

A posture vest, also called posture bandage or posture harness, is used by both men and women of all ages and are suitable for anyone who wants to get better posture. If you have problems with breathing, tense back or neck muscles, the cause may be poor posture. You can also experience problems with numbness in the shoulders and hands, headaches or a feeling of fatigue in the shoulder area. In that case the back needs help straightening up.

Better training results with proper breathing

A good breathing technique means that you get better oxygenation of the muscles and can perform better during training. To get the most energy-efficient breathing, an improved deep breathing may help. Deep breathing is more effective as the air is drawn as far down into the lungs as possible. A posture vest helps you get the correct posture for maximum deep breathing, which often results in improved training results. It also helps the body not to collapse during training.

Posture vest for pain and illness

Osteoporosis is a process where the bones are gradually decalcified. The most effective medicine against osteoporosis is to stress the skeleton, for example by playing tennis or walking. Because posture braces contribute to exercising the posture muscles, pain often decreases and mobility increases. The vest can also alleviate microfractures (common in osteoporosis), and work as a reminder to assume correct posture, this contributes to counteracted sagging and increased thoracic kyphosis (bone stability, also common). In the case of osteoporosis-related problems in the entire vertebral column, the combination Ballerina with a back orthosis provides good support for the pelvis.

Ballerina together with Atle back orthosis can also be recommended for the following pain conditions:

  • Recurrent, acute attacks of lumbago.
  • Spinal insufficiency.
  • Lumbago-sciatica, where the back pain dominates over the sciatica pain.
  • Lumbago and lumbago-sciatica, where the pain is position or movement related.
  • For some pain conditions where the genesis is known, such as spondylolisthesis, spondylitis, osteoporosis and spinal stenosis.

Impingement syndrome is a condition where tissues in the shoulder are pinched and cause pain. Overload or age changes are common causes. The arm hurts when it is lifted outward-upward and may be difficult to extend. It is then important to reduce the load on painful structures and gradually build up load tolerance. Posture vests can, with a correct posture, reduce incorrect load and create the best conditions for irritated structures to heal.

In the case of vertebral compression, Ballerina can contribute to reduced pain by reminding you of correct posture.

A clavicle fracture (clavicle fracture) is often difficult to bandage well. It is common for the patient to receive a figure 8 bandage around the shoulders and back, which can rub and hurt. It is also not unusual for the fracture to heal incorrectly. With a posture harness that pulls the shoulders back, the pain is reduced and you get a significantly better healing.

Posture vests for increased thoracic kyphosis (bone tightness, often occurring in osteoporosis) often provide pain relief, better digestion, reduced risk of urine leakage and easier breathing.


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