CubitiComfort full arm orthosis

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This product can be ordered via, phone +46 35 22 20, or fax +46 42 35 22 21.
Please note that prescription, device fitting and recommending use of this product may only be done by or under the supervision of a medically trained person. Therefor, this product is not available for online purchase. Contact your caregiver to find the correct treatment for your injury.


Stable and comfortable full arm orthosis designed to be used in rehabilitation and/or treatment of fractures according to the Samiento principle. CubitiComfort eases pain through fixation, while still allowing mobility of the shoulder and elbow, which reduces the risk of stiffness and muscular atrophy during treatment. The mobility of the elbow joint can be adjusted through extension/inflexion in 15° intervals. The product can easily be customized as it can be fixated in the desired angle. The orthosis is comfortable to wear, the wide straps together with mold casted plastic tiles provides an effective and even compression around the upper and lower arm. The textile shoulder part enables a comfortable fit, while ensuring that the product stays in the correct position. The integrated plastic tiles may easily be taken out and adjusted/cut to the desired fit for the patient. The air gap in the fabric contributes to an even distribution of the compression around the upper arm. The product is constructed to fit both the left and right arm.


Indications: Treatment of fractures in the elbow, humerus, radius or ulna. Postoperative treatment. Injuries on tendons or ligament. Collateral ligaments reconstruction. Contracture treatment. Contraindications: massive soft tissue damage, poor compliance, unacceptable fracture position.


Material: Ventilating distance fabric which feels cool against the skin and allows the skin to ”breathe”. Polyester 59%, Polyamide 37%, Cotton 2%, Elastane 1%, Polyurethane 1%. Latex-free. Metal stay in aluminum.

Measuring: Measure circumference around the upper and lower arm. The total length of the orthosis can be adjusted to the desired fit.


Additional tiles, 20221: To be ordered separately. 4 pieces/package, size S – XL.
Additional tiles may be used to attain stronger compression and stability or for treatment of patients with wider circumference of the upper arm. 1, or alternatively, 2 tiles to be placed in each of
the side pockets


Remove the metal stay while washing. Machine wash at 40°C (104°F). Lay flat to dry. Close Velcros before washing. Do not use bleacher. Do not iron. Do not tumble. Use washing bag. The metal stay can wiped off with a wet cloth.
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Stable and comfortable full arm orthosis designed to be used in rehabilitation and treatment of fractures. Available in size S-XL.
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