HumerusComfort humeral fracture brace

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This product can be ordered via, phone +46 35 22 20, or fax +46 42 35 22 21.
Please note that prescription, device fitting and recommending use of this product may only be done by or under the supervision of a medically trained person. Therefor, this product is not available for online purchase. Contact your caregiver to find the correct treatment for your injury.


HumerusComfort is a stable and comfortable humeral fracture brace. Designed and developed according to the biomechanical requirements that the Sarmiento principle meets. The unique, overthe-shoulder textile design prohibits the brace from sliding down and makes the brace comfortable to wear. Also available in a longer model, HumerusComfort Extend (art. no. 20224).


HumerusComfort has wide circular straps which, together with the integrated plastic tiles, provide an even, circumferential compression of the soft tissue around humerus. The brace provides pain relief and allows the shoulder and elbow to move, which reduces the risk for stiffness and muscle atrophy. The brace is easy to fit and adjust. The integrated plastic tiles can easily be removed and adjusted. Skin friendly and breathable textile parts. Fits both left and right. The product is radiolucent.


Indications: Orthosis for diaphyseal humerus fracture.


Contraindications: Massive soft tissue damage, poor compliance alternative. Unacceptable fracture position.


Material: Polyester 44%, Polyamide 36%, Elastane 10%, Cotton 2%, Polypropylene 7%, Polyethylene 1%. Latex free.


Measurement: 1. The circumference of the upper arm in cm proximally, at the height of the armpit, or where the upper arm is at its thickest. 2. Upper arm length measurement in cm from the acromion to the elbow. Measure the arm with the elbow joint slightly bent.



-Additional plastic tiles, 20221. To be ordered separately. 4 pieces, size S – XL. To be used when higher stability and compression is needed. 1 or 2 tiles in each side pocket.


-Axilla Kit HC, black, 20219. To be ordered separately, if necessary for individual adaptation or when needed to replace the inner part for hygiene/washing.


Machine wash at 40°C (104ºF). Remove the shells and seal the Velcros. Use washing bag. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry.
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Stable fracture brace. Fits both left and right arm. Available in size S-XL.

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