Post-op & Compression

Post-op & Compression

NordiCare has developed its own product line of post-operation and compression garments. It’s a line of products for which we stand by the quality of both the product development and the manufacturing process. Working in both arenas has given us the opportunity to create products that have been developed in collaboration with the medical professionals as well as the patients that would use such devices. NordiCare stands by its philosophy of Human-Oriented Design — all of our products have been deliberately designed and developed with a focus on the people who are going to use them. They should be easy to use and comfortable to wear while always ensuring high usability. They may also be aesthetically pleasing, too. But, and this above all, they should be effective and highly functional garments that make your everyday life a little bit easier.

NordiCare has extensive experience working with medical technology products; our background goes as far back as 2004 when we entered the Nordic markets. Our customer base includes many highly reputable companies and healthcare providers including all of the university hospitals in the Nordic region and most of the most private clinics.

Our products are available for sale via or phone +46 42 35 22 20, or fax +46 42 35 22 21.

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Using compression garments after surgery

Compression garments can be helpful after surgery since they assist in increasing the circulation of blood. Better blood circulation has many important benefits and can also greatly reduce the risk of postoperative complications. It is important that the garments offer the right degree of compression — neither too little nor too much. This makes the design and material of the garment of paramount importance, as these are the factors that ensure the right amount of compression. Having the right level of compression can greatly facilitate the recovery period and even further improve results after surgeries and operations. Among other benefits, good blood circulation can provide better skin adhesion in the operated area, ensuring that the skin adapts to the "new" post-op shape and that any dressings or bandages stay securely attached. Even after a successful surgery, there can be several complications that may arise: unnatural swelling (edema), fluid retention (seroma), bleeding complications, bruising (hematoma), and tissue death (necrosis) — all of which can be minimized or treated by the use of a compression garment.

NordiCare's compression garments are designed to give exactly the right degree of compression. Our garments are tested in accordance with our size chart; simply measure carefully and follow the associated instructions for selecting the right garment. If you are a patient, please adhere to the prescription provided for you by the doctor who is responsible for your surgery.

If you have any questions at all, you are also welcome to contact our customer service:

Tel. +46 42 35 22 20.