Groin Hernia

Hernias — Many people suffer from hernias, but help and treatment are readily available

Anyone can suffer from a hernia. There are many types of hernia and several reasons why one might develop. The most common type is a groin hernia — one out of every four men gets a groin hernia at some point in their lives. Hernias can cause a great deal of trouble for those afflicted with them, regardless of the type or where it is developed. Today, however, there are many treatments readily available to cure and heal hernias.

With a good groin hernia belt, everything becomes just a little bit easier; you won’t experience that discomfort that you would otherwise feel during the day — whether you’re at the gym, at home, at work, or just watching TV, a good and discreet hernia belt is there for you whenever you need it. The Balder hernia belt is easy to use, very inconspicuous (not visible when worn underneath clothing), and is made from comfortable materials. There are different models for use with double- and single-sided hernias. Please note that you should not use the Balder hernia belt if you have a clamped groin hernia.

Groin hernias do not disappear on their own.

In most cases, groin hernias only produce a mild discomfort; they can sometimes create a feeling of heaviness or achiness in the areas they develop. Hernias usually develop after periods of intense abdominal pressure, such as when lifting heavy objects or when straining the muscles while using the bathroom. You cannot cure a groin hernia without treatment and it will not disappear on its own, so it is important to take action. Left alone, the hernia might go in and out of the abdominal wall, creating pain and discomfort. The only way to resolve a groin hernia is with a medical operation to remove it; however, they can also be treated with a groin hernia belt, such as the Balder Single, the Balder double, or hernia trousers.