About our breast protheses

Trulife breast prostheses come in many shapes, sizes and weights, perfectly suited to any and all needs. Trulife attaches paramount importance to research and development. By collaborating with industry-leading manufacturers of silicone and other skin-friendly materials, we are able to offer prostheses of optimal comfort, fit and quality. We believe everyone should feel safe and secure when it comes to choosing a breast prosthesis.

Immediately after surgery

We have a wide selection of feather-light textile inserts/prostheses for use immediately after surgery, such as the Featherweight. The inserts are also suitable for use during and after radiation therapy, during lymphedema, or in other similar situations where you may want a very light insert or prosthesis. Choose between inserts with a soft foam core or those with removable padding.

Partial prostheses

Trulife offers a wide range of sub-prostheses and silicone inserts. They are designed to fill in irregularities after lumpectomy, breast-preserving surgery or reconstruction. They can also be used to fill out a small bust, if the breasts are differently developed or if you want a better shape on the bust. Our sub-prostheses in medical silicone have a light fastening capability and stay securely in place against the skin/bra without slipping. The new ReCover Shell is specially designed to be used in breast reconstruction with expander. The size can be changed by removing layers as the expander becomes larger.

Lightweight Prostheses

Soft, natural, and light — exactly how a lightweight prosthesis should feel! Our lightweight prostheses feel natural against the skin and are nearly half the weight of a traditional silicone prosthesis. We have divided our selection of lightweight prostheses into three categories: Silk, BodiCool, and Medical Silicone.

Silk — Silky and natural

Soft and natural — the matte and silky surface provides for a very soft and natural feeling.

Many different shapes — the Silk prostheses comes in a variety of different shapes, fullnesses, and sizes.

Our most popular lightweight prosthesis — A very popular lightweight prosthesis; soft and supple with an excellent fit.

BodiCool — Cool & comfortable

Allows the skin to breathe — the surface is designed with a unique wave-like pattern that enables circulation between the skin and prosthesis. The construction offers excellent ventilation which allows the skin to breathe more easily.

Lightweight — the lightweight silicone provides maximum comfort. The matte silk surface offers a soft and natural feel.

Cool and comfortable all day long — a comprehensive surface layer of signature TruCool Gel makes the BodiCool Wave line of prostheses provide a comfortable cooling effect along the surface of your skin. Cool and comfortable all day long!

Medical silicone — Super lightweight

The Sublime & Impressions prostheses are the lightest and most natural breast prostheses on the market.
Safe & Natural — the skin-friendly medical silicone ensures that the prosthesis stays stationary against skin/bra, providing a feeling of safety and stability while offering a natural look.

Cool & comfortable — ventilation pores on the back let your skin breathe easy.

Super light — the perforated core means the prosthesis is extra light and incredibly comfortable. 35% lighter than a regular prosthesis.

Activity Prostheses

The Active Flow prosthesis is perfect for those who enjoy swimming, sports, or other leisure activities while wearing an extra light and comfortable prosthesis. Interested in using a light breast prosthesis instead of a traditional model? Please read our article about the many myths that surround light breast prostheses.

All of our breast prostheses come from Trulife