During pregnancy

During pregnancy

Pelvis and back pain

Pain in the pelvic area and spine during pregnancy is quite common; approximately 73% of all pregnant women report feeling some level of pain in these regions. The problem is usually typically referred to under the umbrella of pelvic and back pain, and can start between weeks 12–14 of pregnancy. Exact causes of the pain remain unknown, but hormonal, biomechanical and behavioural factors all play a role. If you have been pregnant before and have had pain in the pelvic area, you are more likely to get it again in subsequent pregnancies. In most cases, the problem disappears after giving birth or after breastfeeding.

For many people, pelvic pain can be debilitating and very difficult to deal with. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to take sick leave, as a person is unable to travel or work. Pain should always be taken seriously and addressed quickly. Thankfully there are many effective treatments for pelvic pain.

Pelvic belts help!

Physiotherapy guidelines provide strong evidence that a pelvic belt can help reduce pain and make it possible to cope with discomfort so that you can comfortably resume everyday activities. If you have suffered from pelvic pain, it is a good idea to start using a pelvic belt, as it can provide great relief for your issues. There is also strong evidence that acupuncture can reduce pelvic pain, as well. Exercise and physical activity are limited in their effects on pelvic pain — of course they are important in order to maintain good overall fitness and strength, but when it comes to pelvic issues, a belt can be broadly beneficial and help you exercise in a way that works best for you.

For pelvic pain, we recommend two models of pelvic belt. Which one you choose depends on your needs and what properties would be most helpful to you.

– A stable and flexible pelvic belt that holds firm and provides stability. Easy to use and adjust. Best suited for use from early pregnancy to early in the third trimester. Can also be used throughout the pregnancy if you have a naturally petite frame.

– This stable and supportive pelvic belt holds firm and provides stability. Continues to provide effective support even as your belly grows. The wider belt offers extra stability and is particularly suitable for use during the third trimester or whenever additional support is needed. Can also be used throughout the pregnancy if you have a naturally more full-bodied frame.

Support for the back and spine

Back pain is extremely common among pregnant women and often begins rather early in the pregnancy. Up to 80% of all pregnant women are expected to suffer from some form of back pain. It can have several causes, including pressure from the uterus, weight gain, altered posture, and general hormonal impact pregnancy can have on the body. Weight gain and additional pain often go hand in hand, both tending to increase with each week of a pregnancy. There is strong evidence that physical activity can help with back pain. In many cases, a backrest can be very beneficial in providing pain relief, and can also enable physical activity. Most people experience considerable pain relief as well as tremendous comfort when using backrests, all without any of the side effects you might get with medication. For any serious or severe problems, however, please consult the advice of a physiotherapist first.

If you are experiencing back pain during pregnancy, we recommend that you use a backrest.

– A stable backrest with a tailored front that fits over your belly while pregnant or immediately after giving birth. The extra drawstring makes it easy to find a comfortable level of support for the lumbar spine. Plus the adjustable closure allows you to alter the fit so it stays comfortably on your body throughout your pregnancy.

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