NordiCare Mamma is a line of products that has been carefully selected to provide help and support during and after pregnancy. Expecting a child can put a tremendous strain on your body; you can suffer from typical pregnancy ailments such as joint pain or back problems. Some women can even have major problems with aches and pains. In many cases, a pelvic girdle belt or backrest can help you deal with these afflictions, all while enabling you to remain mobile and active.

Childbirth itself can also put a great deal of strain on the body. Many women feel that using a supportive girdle provides valuable assistance to a weakened abdomen. A girdle helps the abdomen and abdominal muscles contract after pregnancy. For those who have undergone a Caesarean section, a girdle is a good way to reduce the pressure on the incision. It can also provide a great deal of pain relief and help speed up recovery. Our functional girdles help you and make everyday life a little easier so that you can feel better, faster.

Read more about our products that help during pregnancy and after delivery:

Products during pregnancy
Products after childbirth

ATLE ABDOMEN back orthosis
Atle Abdomen is a semi-elastic back brace that provides stable support across the lower back while simultaneously lifting and supporting the abdomen. ...
LYFT PLUS binder
Abdominal binder which provides a comfortable and efficient support and compression of the abdomen. To be used post-operatively after abdominal surger...
MAMMA FIX support belt
Mamma Fix is a semi-elastic support belt that provides effective support across the pelvis. Suitable for use during pregnancy and in the case of pelvi...
MAMMA MIA pelvic belt
Mamma Mia is a pelvic belt that provides uniform, stable support across the pelvic joints. Mamma Mia also provides comfortable lift under the abdomen ...
SMIDIG binder
Elastic binder for comfortable compression and light support. Easy to seal and adjust with functional handle and velcro fastening in the front. Wide v...