Why use a posture vest?

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Good posture is beneficial for the entire body.

Good posture is best described as the position in which the whole body is in balance. The Ballerina helps you strengthen the muscles that promote good posture, thus contributing to a level of total body stability.

Most of us are familiar with the phrase "couch potato": someone who sits in front of the TV, the computer, or in their car all day and develops poor posture. Such positions can be very fatiguing for our muscles, joints and ligaments; there is a lot to be gained from strengthening these areas and improving our posture. The BallerinFa is a great aid, useful for both men and women of all ages, an excellent way to achieve better overall posture. Better posture can assist with any pain conditions you might have or help you with your breathing (you can, for example, improve your exercise regimen by improving your breathing and employing the right breathing techniques). Please contact a physiotherapist to get the right workout for you.

What do people who use the Ballerina posture vest say?

"Much more attractive than other vests, and it doesn't cut into my armpits!"

Susanna sought medical assistance for her issues. Then she tried the Ballerina to help improve her neck, posture, and shoulders. She had tried other posture vests and was never quite happy with them. With the Ballerina, however, she didn't have any of problems she had with the other vests, and the end result was much better posture — all while being comfortable and easy to use. "Much more attractive than other vests, and it doesn't cut into my armpits!" noted Susanna, who heartily recommends the Ballerina.

Other customers:

"I have now tried the posture vest I received from you. I wore it every working day; it fit very well, helped me improve my posture, and I felt a great deal of pain relief in my back. Now that I am better I use it less often, but as soon as I feel any pain coming back or think I might get hurt, I always put it right back on."

"The ballerina helped improve posture by creating a good distribution of weight, balance and elasticity between the head and neck/back. It is so easy to forget about your head and neck posture while sitting in front of the computer or while browsing your mobile since I read a lot of articles and books. I try to remember to stretch my back and find the best angle to position myself to read; sometimes I put pillows under the book so I don't need to strain my neck and back so much to tilt downwards. The best part of the vest is that it actually helped me quite immediately! "

"The constant and recurring pain I had in my upper back has now decreased thanks to my improved posture. It has saved me both time and money because I no longer need to go to the naprapath."

Frequently Asked Question

Who is the Ballerina posture vest for?

The Ballerina vest is a great solution for men and women of all ages who want to improve their posture, their breathing, and/or are having problems back or posture related issues. Common problems that the vest can help remedy include tension in the neck and back muscles, numbness in the shoulders and hands, certain types of headaches, and fatigue in the shoulders. There may also be other medical reasons to use the Ballerina. If you have severe pain, please consult your doctor before using a postural vest.

How often can I use the posture vest?

The Ballerina posture vest can be used every day if you have no illnesses that require specific medical attention. Always talk to your doctor first. If you are using the Ballerina to improve your posture, we recommend that you loosen and tighten Ballerina several times a day for the best effect. You do not need to remove the Ballerina vest to adjust it in this way.

How can I determine which size is right for me?

Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference around your chest (under the bust/equivalent) in cm.

Small = 65-80 cm, Medium = 80-95 cm, Large = 95-110 cm.

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Why select the Ballerina of all available posture vests?

The Ballerina is a well-established, high quality product with a proven track record, an item used by the medical community every day. In addition, the Ballerina is comfortable and does not cut into or rub again the skin, especially under the armpits.

Should the posture vest stretch my muscles?

No, but it reminds your body to activate the proper posture muscles.

Can you fully relax your posture-centric muscles in a vest?

No. The Ballerina posture vest reminds you to use the muscles.

A posture vest should not (and really cannot) "do the job" for you.

Maximizing your workout

Breathe better, have more energy, and get superior training results

A good breathing technique allows you to train your muscles better, enabling superior performance. In order to breathe as efficiently as possible, it is good to practice taking deep and filling breaths. The Ballerina posture vest can help you maintain the right posture to maximize your deep breathing.

There are three different "breathing types":

• Superficial breathing (also known as collarbone breathing) is, as the name suggests, the most superficial breathing. People who suffer from stress often breathe quickly but not deeply. The oxygen intake from their breathing is thus rather limited.

• Chest respiration means that about half the lung is filled with air in each inhalation. The chest expands with each breath, and it is mainly the muscles around the ribs that do the work. Oxygen intake is better than with superficial breathing, but not at maximum.

• Deep breathing (also known as abdominal breathing or diaphragm breathing) is the most effective type. The muscles in the diaphragm work to pull the air down into the lungs as far as possible. The stomach is pushed outwards first, and then the chest. Exhalation occurs only when air has filled the entire lung.

Deep breathing is utilized by singers, people who want to improve their general inhalation technique, and by those who practice mental relaxation.

Use the Ballerina posture vest to improve your breathing technique and your workout results.

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