Posture vest for pain and ailments

Hållningsväst vid smärta & sjukdom

The Ballerina posture vest for pain & illness


Osteoporosis is the process by which bones gradually calcify. The most effective treatment for osteoporosis is to exercise the bones through activities such as playing tennis, walking, and the like. The bones must be put to work but in such a way as not to put them at additional risk that may injure them further. The Ballerina, in conjunction with various types of exercise, can help train the muscles responsible for good posture — and good posture, in turn, provides the conditions for lessened pain and greater mobility. The Ballerina posture vest can relieve micro-fractures (a common occurrence with osteoporosis) while reminding your body to assume proper posture, thus counteracting sagging or weakened muscles in the back and chest (humps, for example) In the case of osteoporosis-related problems in the whole vertebrae, the combination of the Ballerina posture vest and the Atle back orthopaedic can prove very beneficial. That way you get great support for your pelvis as well as enabling the correct posture for your chest and spine, all at the same time. You can read more about osteoporosis at

Ballerina + Atle orthopaedic

For osteoporosis-related problems in the vertebrae and spine, using both the Ballerina posture vest and the Atle back brace makes for an excellent combination. That way you get great support for your pelvis as well as enabling the correct posture for your chest and spine all at the same time. Treatment using both the Atle and the Ballerina can be recommended for the following conditions:

•   Recurring and acute lumbago (lower back pain) attacks
•   Back failure
•   Lumbago sciatica, where back pain predominates over sciatica pains
•   Lumbago and lumbago-sciatica, where the pain is related to staying in certain positions or undertaking certain movements.
•   Certain pain conditions with known causes such as spondylolisthesis, spondylitis, osteoporosis and spinal stenosis

Impingement syndrome

Impingement syndrome is a condition in which the tissues in the shoulder are pinched and cause a great deal of pain. Putting excess strain on your muscles or simply ageing (or a combination of both) are common causes for the condition. It usually manifests itself as a pain when lifting your arm outwards and upwards, making it difficult to extend. It is then important to reduce the load and tension on these movements and to gradually introduce exercise in order to increase the load resistance. Talk to your physiotherapist for tips on the right kinds of exercise to perform. The Ballerina vest can help you maintain the correct posture to prevent strenuous loads, thus creating the best conditions for the afflicted regions to heal.



With the appropriate kind of compression, the Ballerina posture vest can help reduce pain by reminding your body of the best position to maintain the correct posture.

Clavicide Fracture

A clavicle fracture (collarbone fracture) can be difficult to tend to as it might be hard to bandage correctly. It is quite common for patients to get a figure-8 bandage that loops around the shoulders and back, a style that can chafe and cause additional discomfort. It is also not unusual for the fracture to heal incorrectly. With the Ballerina posture vest, you can count on reducing the pain and a much better recovery than other alternatives.

Thoracic kyphosis

Using the Ballerina when suffering from thoracic kyphosis (a hump or S-curve, which can often occur when afflicted with osteoporosis) can provide several positive effects:

•    Pain relief
•    Imporved digestion

•    Reduced risk of urinary incontinence and other problems associated with urination

•    Facilitate breathing

Did you know? 

The Ballerina was also designed to be used as an aid in training. It was created for someone who might "collapse" during the exercise, as a way to ensure that their posture is preserved by placing the vest/bandage in the right place over their shoulders. It was designed to sit in place without causing chafing or irritating the nerve plexus.

BALLERINA posture bandage
Ballerina is a functional posture bandage that provides a comfortable reminder to maintain good posture in the upper back. Broad, soft straps across t...