The vast majority of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives

Approximately 80% of the population have had one or more periods of time when they suffered from back pain. It is one of the most common reasons patients visit doctors and medical personnel.

A backrest helps!

The absolute best advice to shorten the duration of back pain is to have periods of activity interspersed with periods of rest. However, before you can properly be active, you have to be able to relieve the pain before engaging in any physical activity. A backrest/orthopaedic device is an easy and simple way to achieve pain relief. A backrest belt provides both stability and pain relief, all while soothing tense or cramped muscles in your back to keep it in a more natural position. A back belt enables you to be active, providing support for your muscles, promoting good blood circulation, and diminishing stress.

Which backrest is best for me?

NordiCare has several different models that are suitable for different needs, diagnoses. and body shapes. For lower back pain, we suggest looking at the Ronja, Bure, Atle, Multi or Tuff models. If you feel that you have poor posture or pain in your upper back or chest, you may benefit more from the Ballerina model.

Ronja is our most stable back orthopaedic. It is especially beneficial for those with severe back problems. It is constructed out of a thin but firm fabric, making it easy to wear underneath your clothing. Several pull straps and flexible rails allow you to adjust and modify the level of support it provides. Ideally suited for those with herniated discs, severe back pain conditions, and for those who have just had back surgery.

Bure is available in two height variants, meaning it can also provide some support for the upper back and chest, and it is also an orthopaedic that fits taller individuals well. It is also recommended for those with severe lumbar/waist problems, as the rails in the back can be removed and then individually formed around the lower back and lumbar region; this customized fit also makes the Bure sit on your back with great stability. The Bure is a popular model, suitable for most types of back pain conditions.

Atle is our softest backrest — comfortable while still providing a great deal of stability. The Atle is especially suitable if you suffer from pain that tends to fatigue you, as it is a good back orthopaedic for all-day use. The Atle will also benefit those with conditions that require orthopaedic devices with an extra flexible fit, as is the case with osteoporosis, vertebral compression, or scoliosis. The Atle is available in two height variants and in either black or beige colours.

Multi is a low-height model that provides extra stable support for the lumbar spine or pelvic joints. You can easily adjust the level of support it provides with the extra wide Velcro fasteners in the front. The Multi is a simple and highly stable back belt that is ideal for all-day use or for specific activities that may put additional stress on your back. Fits all body shapes.

Tuff is a low height model that provides truly "tough" and sturdy support. It has been specifically shaped to sit well on your body and to stabilize painful pelvic joints. The Tuff can also be placed at waist height to help treat and reduce lower back pain.

Ballerina is a soft and supple posture vest that helps you towards better posture by moving the shoulders back and holding the chest and spine upright. Especially useful as an aid to better your posture for improved breathing, or for pain in your upper back that may occur during exercise. 

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